T-Shirt Upcycle to Peplum top!

Tshirt upcycle turned Peplum using Mamma Can Do It Relaxed Peplum PDF pattern

Hacking a T-shirt!

I frequently find designs that I LOVE, but end up putting them down because I feel like I’m wearing a boxy bag over my upper body. Upcycling is fun way to make something new and flattering!

Procrastination University…I could be a professor here. 😉


When I laid out the t-shirt I cut up both the sides to the armpit seams.

To remove the sleeves (it’s still hot here in the south!) I cut just inside the seam.

Using some knit scraps I created the half circle skirt that I got from this Relaxed Peplum PDF pattern (affiliate link) 

I also used the front and back bodice pieces to decide on where I needed to cut length from the t-shirt by opening it lengthwise at the shoulder seams and then folding in half. 

When upcycling you are limited to the fabric and shape you are starting with unless you want to color block. Pattern pieces won’t always be a perfect match, but you can get your general shape. 

I serged a skirt panel to the front and back bodice before I serged the side seams.  Shame on me, but I rarely hem things for myself so I was all done and put it on!

There is a site wide sale going on over at Mamma Can Do It until September 21! Everything is 25% off and no code is needed! Get to work on that fall wardrobe! 

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Reusable Grocery Bags

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Small Changes Make Big Differences

Craggy Garden, NCI’ve always enjoyed nature: the sounds, smells, sights. Being outside and enjoying my surroundings was and still is a huge part of my life.

Sometimes that time is spent picking up other people’s garbage that was left behind, soiling places that I love. I can’t change what other people do, but I can encourage others to do better. Litter at a local outdoor spot

A small change we can all make is to stop using so many plastic shopping bags. I’ve gone a step further and have up-cycled some t-shirts that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Have you ever read into the insane statics about how much clothing we throw away daily?! It is astounding!

Part of this blog is to see what can be created from found or discarded items to help better our planet for ourselves and the future.

Every small change can make a big difference over all.


Star Wars Upcycled Grocery bag 451 Ray Bradbury Upcycled Grocery Bag Live to Explore Canoe Upcycled Grocery Bag


Writing this a few years ago I was trying to decipher what exactly it was that I hoped to gain from this life. Finding more like minded folks would be a lovely blessing, do say hello if you can relate!

I want quaint, quiet, faithful, honest, and pure.
I want respectable, loving, patient, and inspiring.
I want to know that I lived my life in a way I could be proud of and never ashamed.
That I made choices to the betterment of all those around me and not just myself.
I choose to not be selfish and to put the needs of my children always before my own and ensure that they grow to be adults that I will not only be proud of, but adults that the world will be better because of.

I need not a huge home with spacious rooms and the best of modern times.
I want my own little space, a space so far secluded that I haven’t the need to worry about the hustle of all those lives around me.
I wish to live a simple life.
I wish to only have to worry about today and be thankful that I am even blessed with a tomorrow.
I want to be appreciative of all that this world has to offer me in it’s most basic of forms.
I wish to retreat to my childhood where I never even knew I was poor.
Where there was always some where to explore untouched and beautiful.
I would like to treasure the small streams that are often over looked and revel in the miniscuities of a minnow swimming against the current.

I wish to want less and appreciate more.
I wish to enjoy my time here on Earth surrounded by love and compassion and know that I gave my all to those who cared enough to know me.

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It’s the little details…

There are big things that need to happen to my sewing she shed to make it a better work environment, such as; electrical, insulating, and dry wall, but those have to wait a bit longer. In the mean time I am focusing on the little details that make her my own.

Happy Fall Y'all Hedgehog Sign
I found this sweet little hedgehog at Hobby Lobby and couldn’t pass it up. Even though I am located in the south “y’all” isn’t a word I use frequently so I wasn’t a huge fan…but I knew I could make it just right for ME! Have you ever found something that was wonderful, but you just weren’t a fan of one part that could be pretty easily updated? Tell me about your repurpose or update in the comments!

Repurpose Hedgehog sign with chalkboard paint
With two coats of chalkboard paint and just a little copper metallic paint around the edges I had a nice canvas for whatever I wanted it to say! I really wanted to celebrate the blog so I chose “Sew She Shed” It seemed applicable! 😉

Repurposed Hedgehog sign with chalkboard paint and vinyl
I have a Silhouette Cameo that I rarely use, but I knew this was the perfect tool for this project! The silver metallic vinyl was a bit of a nightmare with the tiny machine cut, but I pushed through and I love how it turned out.

Sewing She Shed

Today there will be some fabric flower creating to place a bouquet under the sweet little hedgie, what do you think? Maybe soon I will get some of the bigger things done, but until then I’m going to enjoy my cute blue porch and adorable hedgie!

Interested in vinyl cutting? You can find a great deal on a Cameo on Amazon! While I do not use my frequently, I do love how easy it is when I decide to pull it out!

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Creative Space…Reality!

Welcome to Sew She Shed

I have dreamed of a tiny home for so many years now. I used to tell my children as they grow up and move on about their lives they will have to come find me lost in the mountains somewhere, most likely by foot, in my tiny, self sustaining, peace bringing home. This dream was that of a single mom who was envisioning those empty nest days that will come and living a life of solitude…but today that same dream does not exist fully.

I am no longer a single parent. I fell in love with a man that needs space to move around and also with our families combined we have 5 children! A tiny home would not work for us as a couple, nor will it work with all the grandchildren we hope some day to have! (Our kids range in age of 8 to 13 right now, so I am really thinking far in the future!)

What’s the next best thing to a tiny home to live in? Why, a tiny space to CREATE in! Taking the creative space out of the home is going to open the doors for me to treat my love of making with my hands as an opportunity to help support our family from home. I don’t know about you, but when I try to create inside the home I am often distracted. Every chore that I could be doing and feeling guilty about just sitting around making pretty things. I end up halfway through projects before tucking them aside to vacuum, do the dishes and wash the laundry. With no dedicated space for crafting the creative mess spews forth everywhere and becomes its own challenge to wrangle.

Sew She Shed will be a place for me to encourage a creative life, inspire other creative minds, and share my personal musings with the world around me. I am a lover of making, nature, sounds to please the ear, and the ability to bring happiness to anyone willing to know me.

Will you join me in the Shed?


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